Carpentry Ylli
PPC - Social Media Marketing
Sep 15 - Sep 22, 2020
Strattmont Team

Carpentry "Ylli"

Over time, focusing on quality work, Ylli Carpentry has become a premier carpentry company for many people around. Located in Tetovo, North Macedonia, we offer a plethora of carpentry work, excellent basement finishing, deck building, and various remodeling solutions.

Idea & Concept

Create an unconventional marketing campaign – innovative, creative approach with a clean and simple design that communicates brand values and showcases "Ylli's" work. Attracting potential buyers and growing social media accounts.
We have developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to prioritize "Ylli Carpentry" as the leader of the company, thereby enhancing brand awareness and promoting social media.Because of the nature of the carpentry industry, user engagement was one of the keys toward success.

Our Approach

The creative designs, ads, and events were also a key factor in boosting recognition and engagement. As an addition to all marketing efforts, the content produced and the relentless engagement from both Strattmont and Ylli brought much more leads than expected, with a growth of


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