Restaurant Zur Schreinerei

Restaurant Zur Schreinerei GmbH
Strattmont Team
Web Design
December 15, 2018

Restaurant & Winery Zur Schreinerei was founded in the 19th Century. Serving authentic German cuisine, served with the finest wines and a great selection of appetisers and main courses. The menu is freshly prepared by the highly skilled team. Whether you are a keen wine drinker, or just want a little taste of Germany, you can count on the restaurant being open for you.

The Challenge

The website basic purpose was attracting more customers to go through the website. The main challenge was customization of website according to the client’s needs and designing of UI/UX. We provided unique user interface and so a customer can order seamlessly.
It needed to sell their brand identity: inclusivity, informality and community, without sacrificing quality.

  • Creating a layout of the page and images for the website by using various complex tools.
  • The incorporation of complex functionalities and giving the best user interface.
  • Website should load smoothly without any lag and should be responsive to all devices.
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“Strattmont has been a wonderful partner for our organization. Their work building a new website for us at Restaurant & Winery Zur Schreinerei resulted in growth across the organization, including but not limited to increased our online presence, brand and clientele. ”
Dino A., Director at Restaurant & Winery Zur Schreinerei .

Our Approach

The page view increased at a constant rate and SEO tools helped in increasing the ranking of the website. Mobile visitors accounted for almost 60% of the traffic. The website got a lot of positive reviews from customers and the time spent on the website increased to over 5 minutes.

Now, this client has a website that is ascetically appealing, organized, and represents their brand. Users are able to navigate through the different pages with ease and have a much more positive experience while on the site.

Now their menu is easily accessible and easy to read across all devices.Numerous customers have come in and complimented their new site and expressed how much of a difference it has made. Since creating the new website, this client has seen a substantial increase in the amount of traffic to their site, in their restaurant, and in the amount of phone calls they were receiving.
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